Meet my new marimba, Soul!

10556856_10152594159797671_1289001125946918416_o I’m very excited to announce the new addition to my musical family– Soul. Matt Kazmierski of Planet Marimba specializes in crafting beautiful custom instruments. Soul is, without a doubt, one of his masterpieces. First off, Matt chose superb rosewood bars that he’s been collecting for 12 years. This marimba features an extra octave (in the xylophone range), as opposed to the standard 5 octave model. Soul is also tailored to my height, since most marimbas out there don’t go low enough for me.  In addition, Matt was able to reduce the space between each bar with his post-under-the-bar design. This has greatly helped with my modified cross grip technique. After playing this instrument, I could not believe how much better everything felt and sounded. It was as if I finally found a missing part of my life. I can not thank Matt enough for helping me find my Soul.


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